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Judicial Corporal Punishment:

Korean style, with a huge paddle.

Thrashed Ass:

No parallel lines here, the welts go every which way!

Spanking Elise:

Notice how Elise Graves is all over the spanking internet?

Brutal Headmaster:

Paddles a naked crying schoolgirl.

Belt Driven Whipping Machine:

for punishing six girls at a time!

No Tip For The Bellboy:

They’ll be leaving (picture)

Bitch Punishment:

“Bend over!” (picture)

Lit Cigarette Between Bound Boobs:

What’s she gonna do?

Wife-Taming Bed:

Is she a shrew? (picture)

An Electric Spanking:

Zapper paddle style!

Women’s Prison Birching Table:

Russian women (picture)

OTK Flogger:

Finally, a short flogger for OTK spankings!

Neon Wand:

Electric sex toys (picture)

Wife Spanking:

Should Wives Be Spanked?

Prizewinning Bondage Puppy Girl:

Newspaper And a Blowjob

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